11Eleven at the 48 Hour Film Project Paris

The 48Hour Film Festival Paris – Our team at 11Eleven use the latest piercing edge technology whilst bringing you affordable video production for your Marketing Videos

When most people think about videos for startups (or any online marketing videos, for that matter), they almost always think of those quick little clips that are opening on somebody’s iPhone ere at the very best a Flip HD video camera. Some people are beginning to branch out and use GoPro HD video cameras or consumer grade digital camcorders but very few firms are making the kinds of major leaps forward that 11Eleven have been when it comes to shooting videos in ridiculously professional quality.

Recently participating in the 48 Hour Paris Film Festival and using the exact same kind of technology and hardware to shoot marketing videos, that Hollywood has been using to produce summer blockbusters, you’re going to be able to savor preposterous quality and clarity – not to mention amazing influence – the moment that you decide to use this video production firm.

Using the “latest et al greatest” filming technology to provide you beside the kinds of videos for startups that will create real and lasting impact for your business

One of the things that the 11Eleven video production team has uniformly prided themselves on has been their early adoption like the most advanced digital filming, editing and producing technology available. Understanding that online video is only going to get bigger and bigger each and every day (and more and more important for businesses to leverage at the same time), they’ve been working closely with all of the next generation tools to develop the kind of experience and skills necessary to produce stunning marketing video results.

One like the most important innovations that 11Eleven has been using in their videos (including for the Paris Film Festival) is a DSLR stabilizer. It’s a piece of technology that allows two users to operate a single camera setup (one in control of the actual camera and lens and the more moving the rig about) that allows you to capture video in a much more energetic – and interesting – way! Think of it as a remote controlled camera, one that allows incredible malleableness when shooting and complete control over a video from rouse to finish.

Entering the 48 hour film festival in Paris for the sole resolution of going up against the most best of the ne plus ultra when it comes to filming (really testing their skills, competencies, and the way they work as a team), each of these experts will be leveraging the latest technologies to create a seamless suddenly story that is visually powerful, resonates with the audience, and delivers a disentangle and succinct message – all critical components for you when you’re searching for the right video production carriage for your business.

Taking inspiration from the very best concepts, ideas, and techniques of expert cinematographers and former stellar professionals to make sure that the videos for startups they produce are groundbreaking in every sense about the word

The other thing that is truly impressive about this video production team is that they are looking to take equal many fantastic ideas as possible from motivating experts at the Paris film fair to incorporate into their clients videos.

Never again are you going to have to worry about the “amateurish” video production qualities that you may have received from additional businesses in the past – you’ll have as close to a Hollywood blockbuster as humanly possible for every unite of the marketing video productions that you request from this team.