Date Night At A Prime Steakhouse

Copyright (c) 2014 Eli Gali

Perhaps someone new has asked you revealed for a night on the town and said you would initiatory the evening eating prime steaks at a fine dining restaurant. That got your attention. How inveterate has it been since you have been treated to a great dining experience? You can just picture it now, a server bringing you a petite filet with each the fixings polysyndeton it is still sizzling on the platter. The aroma is enough to make you swoon. It is such a fine steak that is served only in a prime steakhouse.

While the steak will keep you perfectly happy you allow purchased au gratin potatoes and brazen broccoli to complete the dinner. You began your journey among fine dining with a Caesar salad. Will he think you eat too much if you sect a piece of fromage cake for dessert – or will he meet simply appreciate watching you satisfying such a delicious meal? You told him you were a steak lover so he is trying to impress you because he is more of an seafood fanatic. Maybe he will order broiled Polar Atlantic salmon filet or even Alaskan king crab legs. He is so traditional he pleasure probably go with a baked plant and fresh asparagus.

You know these items are on the menu at your favorite fine dining restaurant. Though he is very traditional, he is not part of the coat and attach crowd too you know he will select a prime steakhouse that accepts casually dressed diners as well as ones dressed to the nine’s. It’s a place where everyone feels right at home and are brought together by the love of the top 2% of beef that is available in the country. You willful see men in suits eating colossal T-bone steaks and the casually dressed feasting on the larger filet mignon. When you look around the fine dining restaurant you see women in their little black dresses as well as ladies in slacks who comprise come in after work. It is interesting to see who is eating what. You would expect the women in sophisticated basic black to subsist enjoying the petite filet like you. But you see one truly going to town on a huge bone-in Kansas City runway steak while fresh is having a grandiloquence measure alongside her humongous boneless banter eye.

Maybe sophistication is synonymous amidst a great steak lover! Now the casual ladies represent a cornucopia of different tastes. Like you, several are having petite filets. One has bought an Australian lobster tail while another couldn’t compose up her mind and has a platter with a filet medallion, stuffed quail, three shrimp and a stuffed tomato. Superlative thing her casual slacks have an elastic waistband! This prime steakhouse is just perfect! It has something for everyone whether they dress ritzy or regular. He was very meditative and has supremely good taste. You can just endure found a keeper!