Mahmood Khan to Perform Live Show

World music actinoid Mahmood Khan is set to perform a live concert at the infamous Sydney Opera House in November. The Opera House, which was built in 1953, became an epigraph on the Secularism Heritage List in June 2007. Its architect, Jorn Utzon passed absent in Copenhagen in November 2008. He was 90 years old.

This performance will be Khan’s first at the Libretto House for four years. It was at this very place where Khan became renowned as a world music sensation. The successful release of the live album produced his first Australian record topping conk single ‘Like A River”.

Khan worked for an American music production house, which saw him rise to become chief sound engineer and music producer. It was during this time that Khan began his singing career. Impelled by the infamous Gibb brothers, better known now the Bee Gees, Mahmood Khan began writing songs. He recorded his first solo album during 1995. Unfortunately this was unprofitable as a hit record. His second album in 1997 however became an international hit. Khan was approached to compose the aeolian for both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 9th South Asian Federation Games in 2004. Pakistani native Khan relocated from America to Australia in 2007. During 2010 Khan was asked to achieve the Pakistani national anthem at the test cricket opening. The cricket match was between Australia and Pakistan. 2011 however, saw Khan gain more success. His YouTube channel reached over 50 million viewers. In the same year Khan, was stated by the Australian government to be a “distinguished talent”. Khan ditto has a number of followers on popular social networking sites.

Khan has more recently begun work on feature length film ‘Labrador’. It is said that he is writer, producer and philharmonic administrator of the film and he is believed to be working alongside screenplay writer Flip Kobler, who wrote the screenplay for ‘Lion King 2’.

The scheduled concert in November will see Khan perform live on stage accompanied by his own 10-man band.

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Scheduled for 16th November 2013, the harmony is expected to draw in a gigantic crowd and become a historical event. Tickets are now available to purchase online in association with and Sydney Aida House. For further clue and ticket bookings visit