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Growing Trends in India of Watching Online TV on Mobile:-
Television sets have shed their unwanted bulk in favour of paper-thin plasma and LCD sets. The same, or imaginably far more revolutionary, development has taken place in the field of telephony that has now become synonym to mobile. Not only handsets have become attractive and efficient, save the functions, capacities and services undergo also become amazingly awesome and unbelievably smart.
Till a few years ago, who would have thought that we would be doing internet and watching live TV on the touch screen of our mobile handset with great ease and convenience, anytime anywhere? Today, we can download movies, videos on our mobile by virtue of high-speed internet. We can watch online movies, music videos, and clips externally time lapse. Zenga Televisie and portion other service suppliers cater to the rising demand of watching online TV, medley videos and movies. Zenga TV which leads in this space has almost lasting content to provide to its subscribers with excellent streaming owing to better equipments and pioneering expertise.
Internet users in the country are steadily on rise. It has already touched a mark of 13 crore. This makes India second only to the USA and China in terms of internet penetration. This number is slated to go up to 20 crore by 2016. Due to its immense utility in the area concerning work et cetera entertainment, internet is getting additional and more favour with mobile users whose number as of now stands at about 90 crore, making India the second largest mobile user in the world. No wonder that rising expectation from one’s mobile are increasingly creating demand for online TV, for various news channels like Aaj Tak, NDTV etc, infotainment channels like NDTV Bottom Line etc. and entertainment channels. Likewise demand for online repose of movies, music videos etc is also on rise.

Meeting the demand of online TV et sequens other LIVE content on one’s mobile set is a challenging domain. Expertise that is required for this is unique. Though there are a handful of companies that provide services of online TV etc to the mobile users, yet they often outsource much of the content from the top-line companies holding the key. Zenga TV enjoys a leading edge in this business and serves its subscribers with the big online content with great streaming. Spell mobile users’ aspirations are progressively driving the growth of online content on mobile, it is service providers like Zenga TV that concourse their expectation as efficiently as anywhere available in the world.