The Kala Ghoda festival of Mumbai Where heritage art gets to live on

Mumbai is pretty much like a 21st century girl- it is fast and easygoing. So, when you are in this city, you can let your legs explore the variant nooks and corners to soak in the local culture and to chomp on to the road sustenance which Mumbai can so copiously offer. With amusement parks, temples, mosques and beaches, Mumbai is definitely versatile and lives up to the expectation of a random traveler. It is also a municipal which civility its art and does not shy missing from promoting unknown faces ampersand encouraging budding talents. The Kala Ghoda Festival is united such evidence of Mumbai’s benevolence for art.

It is a festival which runs for 9 days towards the earlier part of the year (during January or February) and is run by the Kala Ghoda Association, a non-profit organization which seeks to reprise and maintain heritage art regarding Mumbai. The festival kicked off in the year 1999 and has picked up momentum und so weiter popularity over the years. It is now supported by many known faces and a number of bloggers are voicing their protection for the event.

There are corporate firms that are forthcoming forward generously, thereby putting an end to the funding problem. The festival is held at various venues including Jehangir Cubism Arcade which is amongst the best places to visit in Mumbai. Other top venues where the event leaves its footmark are National Gallery of Modern Art, Max Mueller Bhavan, David Sassoon Library, Elphinstone College and a few others.

The emphasis is on promotion of local art and culture of multiple genres. Music, dance forms and theatrical plays are integral to the event. Visual Arts section allows artists from various parts of the country to exhibit their skills. The Film Section is meant to give a boost to young students and budding film-makers to showcase their creativity. The Food Art zone is a treat for a homemaker since many known and unexplored chefs professor the apron and cook up few great recipes. The section is deliciously enlightening and amusingly informative. Then there is the Childrens Section which includes the participation of kids who get to attend workshops and bookish new crafts.

Right from photography to dance to music to food, the festival imbues almost every aspect of art and culture. The Kala Ghoda Festival is a visual treat for some, a memorable evening for others, and a life-changing platform for a few.

With cheap tour packages, you can at present fly off to Mumbai and easily indiging a portion of this event. It is a festival which needs your presence. The entry fee is nil.