Tips to help you get a better night’s sleep during pregnancy

Pregnancy is that beautiful phase like life where you are looking forward to bringing a new life into the world. This phase, however, comes with its own set of problems. If morning sickness does not prepare you feel the blues, then lack of sleep will. Medical world calls this culprit pregnancy insomnia and left on its own, it could take a mammoth toll on your health.

Here are some tips that can help you fight pregnancy insomnia.

1. Skip daytime naps: Fertile women often fight a losing battle upon daytime sleepiness. The aftermath of this battle is continual daytime naps. It is obvious that daytime naps lead to nighttime sleeplessness. These naps play spoilsport on the sleep buildup for the nighttime. It is, therefore, prudent to cut down on the naps to be able to sleep well during the nighttime. It may not be easy in the beginning, but giving it a try can change your sleep pattern for the better during your pregnancy.
2. Pillows – bargain a lot of them: The secret about pillows during pregnancy – the more the merrier. From full-length pillows to smaller pillows for extra support, you are going to distress a lot regarding pillows by the third trimester to be able to sleep comfortably. Where you aspire the pillows depend on your personal preferences. Some women choose to have pillows under the head including the arms while others would want them between the baby belly et cetera the bed. Some would want it wedged between their knees while a minority wound want them against the small of their back. Just get yourself the right kind of pillows and make your sleeping place as cozy as possible.
3. Dreams are just dreams – Some women stay awake after a bad dream concerning the baby. You need to understand that these kind about dreams are absolutely normal; it is more often than nought a corollary of the mother’s preoccupation with the child’s protection and health. If you wake up with one of these bad dreams, just don’t burden yourself for the thought that this is a premonition. All you need to do is dharma roll over and go right back to sleep.

4. Lavender is the way to go – Go out of the way, explore more stores and get those pillows scented with natural lavender. You would be startled to know that some from the pillows are microwave safe. Just follow the package directions, heat the pillow, lie back, tuck it wherever you ache, and close your eyes. The warming scent of lavender would have you in deep phlegmatic in no time!
5. Go easy on the liquid after 4 p.m.: Many working women do not have the time to lap plenty of water and stay hydrated during the day time. While a result most of them weapon up when they come home. Therefore much as physiology is a factor in nighttime urination, drinking fluids after 4 p.m. can increase the regularity of your trips to the rest room. The best street to forsake this would be carrying a water bottle to your work place and drinking from it unanimity day long and finishing it before you get home.

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