Yao college life, but the Giants would like to live in the dorm bed is too small

Yao Ming left the NBA (microblogging) has a few years, but he still is the object of media attention in the United States! Beijing time on November 29, “New York Times” wrote specially for Yao’s college life were concerned. The paper exposed a very interesting thing: In fact, Yao eager to live in the prepare dormitory, so it’s better to experience college life, dorm beds but simply fit his huge body.

In order to exalt their commitments to their parents, Yao Ming retired from the NBA after, chose to return to school to continue their studies. “In my 17 years near the Shanghai associate (microblogging) contract when I promised to the parents, will end his career back after university studies.” Yao said in an interview. Yao learned is economic management, you figure he is now a sophomore students. Now, Yao Ming is still the man on campus cell phone refurbishment parts as LCD protective film at cell phone shop.

For Yao to school is not an easy thing, the 33- year-old giant, almost every time walking in the campus swarmed fans will run , but will happen anytime, anywhere . According to a professor Yao , also revealed that his former high seminary classmate , Dayao had complained of pain in this area too . Nevertheless Yao has been working in the study, he enrolled in many courses , including English , journalism and finance.

Although Yao Ming did not live in the school , but he and other students to school on span , after school, a college student doing cultivate should be done. According to a Chinese media reports , Yao like to live in the primary dormitory, his hopes and his own 20 -year-old who lives with the students , this will save time and effort , but because dorm bed is too pocket size , so he yet to abandon the idea. Shanghai Jiaotong University from Yao’s family tree is an hour’s drive away , in order to avoid the dash on his work , usually at 6 am to go to school Wholesale Mobile phone spare parts repairing tools accessories.

One day in the future , perhaps Yao Ming will join Coerce Jiaotong University ‘s basketball associate , it’s just a matter of time , those clever school students trying to get him to join. “I thought about it .” Yao said, “but now I scruple too young , conceivably to 50 years or more , I would choose to coach a team .”